BL/\CKWOODS Taxmen collect

Tiny backstory; My goal was to create a narrative of a near-future dystopia where this race has risen up from the ocean to take advantage of mankind. The soldiers are nicknamed 'Taxmen'. They take over and control the general populace and alter the genetic makeup of the inhabitants so that every now and then a child is born with superhuman abilities. After a gestation period, they will secure the subject and extract the powers to implant in their own soldiers. In a way, acting like a super power farm.

In this piece, the monitoring console on the wall has given the Taxmen data that the little girl has shown she possesses powers and thus, they have come to secure her and her parents were too late to hide her.

This a small story project for me and this piece is an excercise in design and storytelling

Connor sheehan final apartment scene